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– Your guide to how we will manage your tenancy through COVID-19 – 

Routine Inspections: 

The way we conduct inspections for the short term will change for some tenants and we ask that you co-operate and keep your property maintained as per the lease agreement. We will be reaching out to do a Virtual Inspections using What’s App, Facetime or similar so it is important to keep your property clean and the gardens tidy.

We will carry out external inspections in your area to ensure gardens are being maintained. Notice will be provided when we will be in your street in line with the normal Routine Inspection notices.


Can be reported by email or phone. We recommend you take a photo and provide us good detail on the problem so we can address it with the owner and tradesperson.

We will ensure our suppliers are aware of social distancing rules and make every effort to abide by all recommended procedures to protect your safety. If you have concerns, please note that in your email message or phone call.

If the maintenance is not urgent, we ask for your patience in waiting until things return to some normality. We do however need to address maintenance that is urgent or could result in accumulating costs if not attended to in a timely manner. This could be a leaking toilet for example. Please continue to report though and understand where we advise of a possible delay.


We can no longer conduct open inspections as advised by the government on the 24th March. If you are breaking your lease and require the property to be shown to prospective tenants, we must adhere to this change and only do individual viewings by appointment and under controlled guidelines to protect the safety of the property manager, the current tenants and the prospective tenants.

Social distancing must be adhered to as well as no touching of surfaces.

We will not be showing the property to
• anyone that has been in contact with someone who has returned from overseas before the 14-day isolation rule applied
• anyone that has been in contact with someone confirmed as positive or
• anyone who is feeling unwell

We will also be part approving applicants prior to the viewing to minimise the number of those viewing. If the application is not be approved the viewing will not proceed.

Rental Payments: 

We ask that you make your payment to our trust account at your own bank. We can provide you with the account number and the code or narration for the payment. This code is very important to include with the deposit so we can identify your payment on our bank statement. Please keep your receipt of evidence of this payment.

Whilst we understand there has been massive jobs losses, we ask that you keep up with your rent payments. If you are struggling to make payments, there are avenues of support and we expect this will change as time goes on. Jump onto the below link to find out what is available.

Keep your property manager informed and they will do all they can to assist – but there is only so much they can do. Please be mindful that they are under owner instructions and cannot make decisions without any authority.

We also ask that you don’t take your frustration out on the property manager. We are here to help, and we understand that these are very difficult times for many of you.

Lease Renewals: 

Again, these uncertain times could mean a reluctance to enter into a lease renewal when your lease is due to expire. We will continue with the process of seeking owner and tenant requirements.

You will have the opportunity to advise your intention on the renewal once we have confirmation from the owner of the continuing availability of the property for rental.

Vacating Tenants:

If you have given notice to vacate, we ask that you return the keys to the office by COB on the last day of your tenancy or prior to 9.15am the next day. If the office is closed then you will need to arrange this directly with your property manager. We can conduct a pre-vacate inspection to note any areas of concern to minimise the need to have additional cleaning or repairs after you have handed back possession of the property. We aim to maximise your bond refund and will do everything to have this finalised as soon as possible. We can provide a guide to with information on what is required for cleaning, gardening etc.

Our staff care about your safety and these measures are to protect both yours and the wider community’s wellbeing and your co-operation would be very much appreciated. We will continue with “business as usual” as best we can with these changes to virtual management.